FAQs for Current SOPHA Members


With every change at SOPHA, no matter how awesome, we know there will be questions. 

Here are a few answers for you right off the bat!


I am an existing SOPHA Member.  What changes for me?

Nothing changes except the name of your membership!  You are now a “Studio Member” of SOPHA.  Easy!  All of the levels, included hours, price, etc. remains unchanged.


Can I switch my Silver Membership over to Education Membership?

You sure can.  Just fill out the Current Members Survey form and let us know!  The form shouldn’t take more than a minute – we made it easy! If you are a higher-level Studio Member (Gold, etc.) please contact us and we can see what is possible on a case-by-case basis.


Can I add Education Membership to my current (Studio) Membership?

You sure can.  The rate is $40 to add Education Membership privileges onto to your existing Studio Membership.  This addition will make you a Hybrid Member – but don’t let the quirky name throw you – it is all awesome!  This will be a separate subscription payment through PayPal – easy!  Remember: current members should fill out this form before 1/1/17.


How can I start my Education Membership?

Starting on January 1, 2017, SOPHA will be accepting new Education Members.  As we use PayPal for our “subscription” to our Membership, you will need to sign up after 1/1 but before the first scheduled class to make full use of your membership.  The subscription links are here.  (Note: do NOT sign up now.  Sign up after 1/1/17.)


How do I let SOPHA know I want to change (or not) my current membership?

Fill out this form here BEFORE 1/1/17.


Will Education Membership have the same one-year commitment as Studio Membership?

Yes.  While you make a payment every month for your membership, both Memberships have a one year commitment.  It is only with this level of commitment that SOPHA is able to operate at a sustainable level.


As an existing SOPHA Member, can I switch my current membership over to the new Education Membership on 1/1/17?

If you have completed your one year commitment with us, you sure can!  If you haven’t completed your year, we can switch you over directly if you are a Silver Member ($59) but your one year commitment “clock” will reset.  If you are at a higher membership and want to switch, please contact the office so we can look at your situation on a case-by-case basis to best meet your needs.


Okay, so what is the downside of being an Education Member?

If you aren’t a Studio Member, you don’t get included studio hours and you don’t get the Studio Member’s discounted studio rate of $25 per hour.  That is a huge discount.  If you aren’t sure what is best for you, don’t hesitate to contact the office so we can help you make the best choice for your situation!


As a Studio Member, can I take one of the Education Member Programs?

Sure!  You will need to pay the class fee, less your 20% Member Discount of course!  The Education Membership Series programs are priced at $60 each (full price) and $45 (Studio Member price).


As an Education Member, can I trade my classes for studio time?

No.  If you need studio time, you will need to pay the full rate or become a Hybrid Member (both Education and Studio Member)


As an Education Member, can I trade my two Education Membership Program classes for other SOPHA programs, classes, or events? 

No.  The included classes are only the two two-hour programs offered each month.  We don’t allow trades, swaps, changes, or modifications to the program.  Your membership only covers your participation and your seat cannot be given to anyone else.


As a Studio Member, can I trade my studio time for classes?

No.  If you want to participate in an Education Membership Program you will need to pay the required fee (less your SOPHA Member Discount).


I haven’t read all the information here, so can I just call and have you explain it all to me?

Sure!  We think SOPHA has a lot to offer our area’s photographers and we will be glad to tell you all about it.  Our phone number is (603) 782-8403.  Operators are standing by.