We know you have questions, here are a few answers!

IMPORTANT: Most FAQs about studio use are found in our general FAQ page here


How does Studio Membership differ from Education Membership?

Studio Members get studio hours included with their membership, while Education Members get certain classes included in their membership.  Studio Members always have to pay for their education classes, while Education Members have to pay for their studio time.


How many hours of studio time do I get included in my Studio Membership?

This varies on level.  Silver gets 2 hours per month, Gold gets 4 hours per month, Platinum gets 8 hours per month, Elite gets 12 hours per month.  All of the hours must be used within the calendar month, exclusive of the roll over hour benefit.


What are “Roll Over Hours”?
Studio Members at the Gold, Platinum, or Elite levels have the ability to push unused and unbooked hours that are included in their membership into the next month. There is a limit on the number of hours that can be rolled based upon the membership level. Note that in any month, hours included in the membership are always used first.


Can you give me an example of Roll Over Hours?
Imagine you have four hours of studio time in your membership and you are allowed two Roll Over Hours. That month you only use one hour of studio time for a quick head shot. You have three hours remaining at the end of the month. One hour is lost – expired. Two hours can be rolled forward so that you have six at the start of the next month. Taking this example further – in that next month you now have those six hours and only use two in that month. In that case you will then have two that expire and two that roll forward. Only two hours can roll forward in any one month for that membership level.

How do I see the studio calendar, book studio time, etc.?

This is all covered in our required orientation and the answers can all be found in our general FAQ page here.


What if I need more studio hours than are included in my Studio Membership?

You simply buy more hours at the greatly-reduced Studio Membership rate, currently $25 per hour.  Easy!


Is there a one year commitment for Studio Membership? 

Yes, there is.  While you make a payment every month for your membership, both Studio and Education Memberships have a one year commitment.  It is only with this level of commitment that SOPHA is able to operate at a sustainable level.


Can I be BOTH a Studio Member AND an Education Member?

Sure you can.  You simply select the Studio Membership level of your choice and add a $40 monthly fee to cover the Education Membership portion.  Yes, this represents a Hybrid Membership discount!


As a Studio Member, can I take one of the Education Member Programs?

Sure!  You will need to pay the class fee, less your 20% Member Discount of course!


As a Studio Member, can I trade my studio time for classes?

No.  If you want to participate in an Education Membership Program you will need to pay the required fee, less your SOPHA Member discount of 20% of course.


I haven’t read all the information here, so can I just call and have you explain it all to me?

Sure!  We think SOPHA has a lot to offer our area’s photographers and we will be glad to tell you all about it.  Our phone number is (603) 782-8403.  Operators are standing by.